A geriatric dietician specializes in nutrition for the elderly while working as a registered medical expert. They work with older adults and understand how to customize nutrition plans and interventions in order to meet the needs of aging adults and seniors. The physiology of an older adult may make it easier to obtain chronic illnesses, and a registered dietitian with a specialty in geriatric nutrition will understand all the signs and changes of an aging body, making it easier to create care plans.

Geriatric Nutritionists are people who have extensive knowledge of the elderly dieting system and can guide them to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Geriatric Nutritionists and dieticians, not unlike their pediatric counterparts, prepare special diets for their customers. Like kids, the mastication and digestive system of elderly people are not optimized. While in the case of kids, these systems are underdeveloped, in elderly people, it has more to do with these systems wearing out.

So, while geriatric nutritionists and dieticians prepare a special diet for their clients, it is not entirely the same as the pediatric process.

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